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NeedFinder Eagle Value™ measures power of your business

What is NeedFinder Eagle Value?

NeedFinder Eagle Value is a numeric value which measures the power and trust of a business on a scale of 10.

How NeedFinder calculating Eagle Value for each business?

NeedFinder Eagle calculates the value of each business profile page on a multitude of factors which include business establishment date, quality content, quality of business website, number of products sold, customer positive feedback, number of satisfied customers, total impressions on web including Google and NF, alongwith some other miscellaneous factors.

How to improve NeedFinder Eagle value of business profile page?

The rule is simple- the more your business information is updated, page shared on social media, products/deals made, impressions captured, positive reviews written. We recommend you to maintain the listed business details and services of highest quality, and measuring this quality and will be done by NeedFinder Eagle. NeedFinder Eagle assigns a value just like Google Page Rank.

How frequently NeedFinder Eagle will update the business Eagle value?

This is a complex task and calculation even for NeedFinder Eagle. Eagle Value can be updated on demand(there is an update button beside the value on your business page) and the NeedFinder Eagle is also instructed to update the Eagle value for each business at Midnight.

What if any business unable to maintain the quality or unable to improve the Eagle value?

1. OK,If any business can’t maintain the quality then we suggest those businesses that please send us a request or give us a call to improve the Eagle Value.

What is the default value of NeedFinde Eagle Value of any business?

The default value of NeedFinder Eagle Value of any business is 2. 1 point for get listed and 1 point for positive verification of business.

Is needfinder Eagle Value™ a paid service?

NO , you can't buy or paid for higher eagle value.

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