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Expect The Extraordinary MEGA Derivative

Elite Investment Advisory Services

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Terms: Risk Type : High Service Feature: In this pack we will provide you 6 - 8 calls in a week. Each call consist 1 target and 1 Stop loss. Proper follow-ups and Market News Updates. Track sheet will be updated on our website daily. Domestic and Global Market position Overview. Customer Support at Market Hours. Market trend with Support and resistance. Economic Update. Medium of Calls Calls will be given only on SMS & Instant Messenger. India: All GSM & CDMA Networks Covered. Sample Calls CALL BUY HEXAWARE FUTURE (5 LOTS) ABOVE 365 TARGETS 367 STOPLOSS 362. CALL BUY KSCL 540 CALL (5 LOTS) ABOVE 36 TARGETS 38 STOP LOSS 33.